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For this project, we were asked to create our own original pattern.

While researching for this assignment, I learned many things about the significance of cultural patterns. For example, Khokhloma is a Russian wood painting handicraft style that is known for its floral patterns and red and gold colors over a black background. In addition, African textiles use different colors to represent certain qualities and attributes. These textiles often tell stories, and can be used as historical documents. In China, silk is a popular fabric that often has intricate floral patterns. About 150,000 metric tons of silk is produced in China annually. Each culture has a different style of pattern that is unique and significant in its own way.

Creating my artwork was fun for me because I felt that I had a lot of freedom to create a pattern that was unique and personalized to my taste. It was a little difficult for me at first because I drew my design free handed on Photoshop using just my mouse instead of a drawing tablet. I decided against using a tablet because I still have not gotten used to using one, so using the mouse was easier for me. However, it took me a while before I was finally happy with my drawings, and I spent a long time erasing and redrawing my design. I used reference photos to help me draw the four different facial features in my pattern, and I am very pleased with the result.

I think strengths in my work are the clean, bold outlines I used to give my pattern a cartoon-like appearance and also the color scheme I chose to use. When creating my pattern, I experimented with monochromatic, primary, and analogous color schemes. I chose to use the primary color scheme in my mock-ups because I thought the colors stood out the most and I liked how the red and blue contrasted with the bright yellow background. A possible weakness is how the line thickness varies between each facial feature. For example, the nose outline is much thicker than the ear outline. I would have preferred to have each line the same thickness for consistency. I am most proud of the way the pattern turned out because I think it is fun and colorful and is a pattern that I would actually use to customize my belongings.


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