Envelope Collage


For this project, we were given envelopes filled with random candies and toys, and we had to use those objects in a collage.

During the creation of my envelope collage, I learned lots of new things about applying the elements and principles of design to my art. I incorporated repetition into my collage with the Skittles falling out of the sky. I also used balance by having a symmetrical layout for my design. In addition, I created emphasis through color by keeping the background black and white and having the falling Skittles be the only colored objects in the collage.

The process of creating my design was somewhat difficult for me at first. When I first started my design, I wanted to use a city background and use the CMYK strips as buildings and Skittles as traffic lights. However, upon implementing this idea, I realized that I didn’t really like how it looked, and it was a lot of work to make the CMYK strips look like realistic buildings. I eventually changed my mind and used a forest background and inserted a silhouette of a little girl holding an umbrella in the center. I used the CMYK strips as fencing and I used the jacks to represent barbed wire on top of the fence. I also used the skateboarder figurine on the lower left and right hand corners of the collage and desaturated it to make the figurine look more like a statue.

I think my work’s strengths are the contrast between the colorful skittles and the black and white background and also the symmetrical layout of my collage. Possible weaknesses could be the fact that because everything except the Skittles are black and white, some objects in the background are difficult to distinguish due to the lack of contrast. I feel like the CMYK strips, jacks, and skateboarder figurines are hard to see and kinda blend together. It was hard for me to decide what to use some of the objects in the envelope for, and I would’ve preferred to have more freedom to create what I wanted, but at the same time these restrictions forced me to be creative and incorporate images that I wouldn’t typically use in my work.


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