Artistic License


For this project, we were asked to create our own artistic license (business card) for an occupation of our choice.

While researching for this project, I learned many new things about the impact of logos and typography. It is important to utilize the elements and principles of design when creating a logo in order to produce a design that is eye-catching and memorable. Typography is also a vital aspect of creating a visually appealing artistic license. Different fonts can set different moods and effects for a business card, depending on the boldness, color, spacing, and several other characteristics. A logo and the typography used should compliment each other on an artistic license.

Creating my artwork for this project was an enjoyable process for me. I began by sketching four different design ideas, then narrowing down to one idea that I liked the most. I ended up choosing to do a triangle shaped card because I thought it was a unique shape that would make my license stand out. Originally, I had intended to have more triangles in the middle of the card that got smaller and smaller and alternated between upside-down and right side up, so it kind of looked like a triangle bullseye, and each triangle would have a different pattern. However, upon implementing this idea, I decided it looked to messy and chaotic and instead chose to have a pastel colored gradient as my background, as pastels are some of my favorite colors. On the front, I put one of my initials on each point of the triangle, and on the back, I put my contact information along each side of the triangle.

My work’s strengths are the color scheme and the shape I chose to use. A possible weakness could be the simplicity of my design. I kept the background and text rather plain so I could let the shape of the card stand out and be the focal point of the design. I am most proud of the overall aesthetic I was able to achieve with my design. The pastel gradient and the simple, italicized font in all caps created a vaporwave-like appearance, which is what I was hoping to achieve.


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