3 Day Photo Challenge

For this project, we were given a different theme/concept each day for three days, and we had to take four and only four photos that day that addressed the concept we were given.

I addressed the concepts in my work by utilizing different vantage points and areas around the school that I thought matched the concept. Challenges I faced from having to use specific concepts were that I felt I was somewhat restricted because I couldn’t take photos of whatever I wanted, but at the same time these restrictions helped create interesting outcomes. I think I was successful in working with my concepts because I feel that I was able to address all three of my concepts fairly well each day of the challenge.

Besides the concepts that were addressed, each set of photos had somewhat of a theme. My photos from Day 1 photos had a lot of bold colors, Day 2 were all pictures of the same staircase from different vantage points, and photos from Day 3 had similar colors. This process informed me on the importance of working with conceptual themes as an artist because it taught me how to present my photos in a cohesive manner rather than four random photos displayed in a random order. This experience impacted the way I consider conceptual photography because I now have a greater appreciation for the different themes that may arise in someone’s artwork. I think I was fairly successful with this challenge because I took four photos a day that each addressed a certain concept, while also maintaining a theme for each set of four photos and keeping my artwork cohesive.


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