Surreal Composite Image


For this project, we were asked to create a surreal composite image and write either an artist reflection or a short story to accompany it. I chose to write a short story, which is included below.

Short Story

The girl had been trapped in her room her entire life. Never before had she seen the outside world. She did not know where she came from or why she was not allowed to leave, nor did she question it. She had grown accustomed to isolation.

The only entrance to the girl’s room besides the door was a mysterious window that always had wooden boards nailed over it, preventing anyone from seeing outside. The girl had attempted to pry the boards off several times, but never succeeded.

One day, the girl was awoken by a bright light in her room. The only light that had ever entered her room was when the guard would open the door for a brief moment to deliver food, but when the girl looked at the door, it was closed. Confused, she turned around and realized where the light was coming from. Her eyes widened as she let out a small gasp. The wooden boards were gone, and for the first time, the girl could see outside.

The girl stood up and cautiously walked over to the window. She wondered if she was dreaming. With shaking fingers, she opened the window and stared, awestruck, at the sight in front of her.

“It’s beautiful”, she whispered. She soaked in the beauty of everything around her- the waterfall, the stars, the castle in the clouds- all things she thought could only exist in her dreams. She wanted nothing more than to climb out the window and become a part of the world that she had always longed for.

Before her thoughts of escape could go any further, the girl was startled by loud and powerful knocking against her door.

“Come in”, she called out nervously. The door opened, and standing there was the guard, who stated the words that would change the girl’s life forever:

“You’re free.”


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