Poster Design


For this project, we were asked to create a poster that addressed a social issue.

The poster I created for this project was focused on white privilege. While working on this project, I learned about typography and how to arrange text and image in a visually pleasing manner. My reaction to making artwork with a message is that as long as you make artwork that you are proud of and that you support the message of, it doesn’t matter if other people agree with your opinion or not.

The font I chose for my poster was all capitalized for more impact and has a serious and professional look to it to emphasize the importance of the social issue being addressed. It reminds me somewhat of the Time Magazine font. The creation of the poster campaign was a somewhat difficult process for me because I didn’t exactly know how to successfully execute my ideas into Photoshop. I wasn’t sure how to put images into the man’s shadow without the images going past the shadow’s outline. However, with some teacher assistance, I learned a new Photoshop tool called “Paste Special”, and because of this I was able to create the man’s shadow the way I had planned for it to look.

I think my poster’s strength was the impact of the image of the various people of color in the white man’s shadow. I liked how this image turned out and I think it helps the viewer understand the meaning of the poster. I think I could’ve improved on making a clearer slogan to go with the image. I wanted the slogan to express that often times, privileged people turn their backs on race issues because it doesn’t affect them, even though there are millions of people of color who do not have the luxury of being apathetic because race issues affect them directly. My favorite part of this project was brainstorming different ideas I could use for a poster and turning my idea into a tangible product.


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