Line Drawing


For this project, we were asked to create a line drawing by outlining an image in Photoshop and filling it in with color.

This project taught me the importance of line quality in digital art. For the line drawing, I used a calligraphy brush to give my art more diversity in line thickness. Horizontal lines were thicker, while vertical lines were thinner. Thick outlines give a more two-dimensional and cartoon-like look, while thinner, more detailed lines give a more realistic appearance. I used thick outlines for my line drawing and occasionally used a smaller brush for detail work.

The process of creating my artwork wasn’t necessarily difficult, but it was very time consuming. It was easy for me to outline simple shapes and large buildings, but the buildings that were farther away became smaller, and required more detail work. Each building also had several windows and some had balconies, which took me a lot of time to outline. I applied what I learned about line quality to my artwork by using a calligraphy brush to create a variety of line thickness, as mentioned earlier.

My artwork’s strength was the detail I put into the linework. I spent a lot of time outlining everything that was in my image, and despite not being able to fully complete the project, I think that the work had done showed attention to detail. Of course, my weakness was the fact that I was unable to complete the project due to how much time it had taken me to get the outline done. Ideally, I would have wanted to fill my outlines with color to create a color scheme with pastel colors. Regardless, I am fairly pleased with how my outline turned out, but I wished that I had been able to finish adding color.


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