3D Collage


This is a 3D collage composed of various images that I had taken on the MIA field trip. I hope for the viewer to take away the interesting combination of photos I used and the composition of my collage. My favorite part of the experience was being able to look through all my photos I had taken and decide which ones to use and how to arrange them so they would look good together. I treated the process as if I was putting together a puzzle. I am most proud of the composition of my collage because I like how it’s somewhat symmetrical. Techniques that helped me produce strong visual results within my work are the use of texture and color in my collage. The different textures of the photos created a lot of contrast, and the various colors made it more visually interesting. New discoveries that I made working with collage and 3D work is that it’s important to explore your options and experiment with different combinations before finding one that you like.


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