For this project, we were asked to take several different types of portraits of our camera partner.

Out of all these photos, I chose to submit my shallow depth of field portrait. This is a picture with a shallow depth of field of my camera partner, Case, sitting on a window sill. I hope for the viewer to take away the contrast between the clarity of the subject, Case, and the blurry background of school buses.

My favorite part of this experience was being able to work with multiple different camera lenses that I have never used before to create a variety of portraits. I especially enjoyed working with the projection slides to take portraits with unique and interesting backgrounds. I am most proud of the composition and the use of the rule of thirds in my work. I also like how the color of the bus in the background brings out the yellow in Case’s sweatshirt.

Techniques that helped me produce strong visual effects include the use of the rule of thirds to create a strong composition and the use of natural light from the window in the background to create a well-lit photo. Patterns that emerged in my work include the use of color and light.

Some new discoveries that I made while working with portraiture are that it can take a lot of trial-and-error to get the result that you want, and you have to experiment a little bit get a variety of different photos. I also learned how to use a prime lens and a wide angle lens, both of which are lenses that I have never used previous to this project. I really enjoyed working with the wide angle lens because you can capture a large area in one shot.


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