Light Refraction


This piece is an arrangement of four photos I took that demonstrate light refraction. Three of the four photos were taken using a prism and a printed background, and one of the photos was taken using a jar of water against a printed background with watercolor dripped into the jar to add more visual interest. All four photos were taken with a macro lens. I hope for the viewer to appreciate the interesting effect that is created through refracting light in photography.

My favorite part about this experience was making cool set ups with the printed backgrounds and the prism/jar of water and figuring out the best way to arrange the objects to create the most appealing photo. In my work, I am most proud of how the picture of the jar with the watercolor turned out because I think the swirling watercolor looks really neat against the loud striped background.

Using the fast shooting feature on the camera was really helpful when I was taking photos of the watercolor being dripped into the jar because I could take multiple shots at once and then choose which photo turned out the best. I also found the manual focus feature on the macro lens to be helpful because it was easier to take super close-up shots and then adjust the focus as needed. The most common pattern in my work was light, because without light there wouldn’t be anything to refract to create a cool illusion in the photos.

Some new discoveries that I made when working with glass, prisms, and water was that all of these objects are capable of being really interesting subjects in photos depending on how you use them to refract light. The prism was probably the hardest object for me to work with because it was hard for me to figure out how to position the prism to create a successful photograph, but it was still fun and interesting for me to work with.


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