Creative Still Life


For this project, we were asked to create a still life image using objects brought from home.

To create this piece, I used a DSLR camera with a kit lens and a macro lens. I also brought in many different objects from home to take photos of, but the only objects that are in my final product are my Hello Kitty Polaroid camera and the three Polaroids that I have taken using that camera. An element that I focused on was form, because I used my Polaroid camera, which a three dimensional object, as the subject of my still life. I also focused on balance, because I wanted my image to be interesting but not too cluttered, and I wanted a good balance of negative and positive space. My initial inspiration for this project was Audrey Flack’s still life that we critiqued in class. I really liked how colorful and chaotic it was and at first I wanted to replicate that style, but I decided I was happier with these simpler photos instead.

My target audience for this picture would be people who enjoy Polaroid cameras such as myself, as well as my friends, because some of them are featured in the Polaroids in the still life. My target audience would also be people who enjoy capturing and sharing memories, because that’s what Polaroid cameras to best. I am trying to reach this audience through sharing my own memories by including the Polaroid pictures of me and my friends.

I targeted this audience because I think it’s important to make memories and capture them so you remember important moments. I hope that my target audience can share my interest in Polaroids. I am exploring taking pictures of an object from unique and interesting vantage points to create an aesthetically pleasing image. I feel this theme is important because I think people take for granted how great it is to have a physical copy of a memory.


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